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The Southwest Care Exhibition

Both The Care Network Group and Phoneta are excited to present the South West Care Exhibition 2020 and we would like to offer you the opportunity to exhibit.

Coronavirus - COVID-19 - The show will still go on

Coronavirus – COVID-19


Further to the government COBRA meeting held on Monday 2 March, and following further discussion with public health, the Care Network Group can confirm that The Southwest Care exhibition is currently going ahead as planned.

Public Health England has not advised us to cancel the event. We are looking forward to welcoming our exhibitors and visitors as usual. However, this does remain an evolving situation and we will continue to adhere to the best available advice.

We must be guided by the facts and most up-to-date medical information and at the moment, advice from Public Health England has not changed – the most effective thing people can do to protect themselves is make sure that they wash their hands for 20 seconds or more. Following the COBRA meeting, the government has said it is “important that people go about their business as usual” for the time being.

The health and safety of our exhibitors, visitors and staff will always be our number one priority. We are working closely with the venue to put measures in place that currently include:


  1. All exhibitors and visitors will be asked to sanitise their hands prior to entering the venue

  2. The medic staff will be checking visitors on arrival to ensure people are well and able to attend the show.

  3. Hand sanitiser units will be available around the venue and these have also been placed outside all toilets throughout the venue.

  4. Hand wipes will be given to visitors throughout the course of the show and a large supplies of bins will be available for wipes to be binned.

  5. WE HAVE A STRICT NO HAND SHAKING RULE. To better protect everyone handshaking should be avoided. Some exhibitors will be bringing their own sanitiser units.

  6. We advise all guests and exhibitors to wash their hands before and after using toilet and catering facilities.

  7. Speaker areas where headphones are provided will be staffed and units will need to be sanitised before and after use, the team will provide you with the wipes to do this.

  8. The cleaning team will be completing a strict cleaning routine and the hall will be deep cleaned prior to the event.

  9. Signage is placed around the venue to remind all exhibitors and visitors of the correct hand hygiene measures to be followed.

There will be enhanced measures to help protect our visitors, exhibitors, clients and staff at the show. Everyone should note that the main message from Public Health England is on personal hygiene, therefore staff, exhibitors and visitors are also being encouraged to maintain good hand, respiratory and personal hygiene by employing the ‘Catch It. Bin It. Kill It’ ethos.

We continue to monitor the situation with the Department of Health and further updates, as and when we have them, will be issued on our official social media channels and website.

We are waiting for confirmation from public health who are hoping to attend the show at 15:00 to provide an update on the Coronavirus we will announce this next week once a speaker has been confirmed.

Following on from a very successful show in 2019, the Southwest Care Exhibition 2020 is set to be bigger and better with a strong focus on INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY and SIGNPOSTING in the sector.

  • Meet the innovators who are constantly working to meet the demands of a growing older population and to overcome the pressures of budget cuts and increasing numbers of people requiring care in the region.
  • See technology in action and learn how it could transform your organisation by improving and enhancing the services you already provide.
  • Discover organisations with whom your business can collaborate and grow and make connections with the people who will enhance your career in the care sector.

If you’re a care organisation owner, manager or leader, this show is the best place to reach an audience of key decision makers in the care industry in the region – and beyond!

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Speaker Announcement

The Southwest Care Exhibition are excited to announce our headline speaker for 2020.

An inspirational speaker with expertise in the delivery of outstanding social care, crisis intervention, and excellent leadership, Jonathan Cunningham MBE is a highly successful entrepreneur, and business mentor.

Jonathan is also the owner of Rosebank Care Home, one of the top 1% of providers graded outstanding by CQC, and registered manager of Birkdale Park Nursing Home, experiencing first-hand the life of a care professional, and all that comes with it.

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Why Us?

Kat Green and Chloe Stark of The Care Network Group Ltd have much experience of running businesses in the care industry. They are both extremely passionate about giving a platform to the many brilliant organisations and people responsible for care provision and services in the South West. Together they have created a show that not only aims to facilitate and encourage collaboration and growth but also hopes to raise awareness of the importance of the care industry in our region.

Find out more about Kat and Chloe and The Care Network Group Ltd here.

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