Demo Theatre Schedule | SWCE 2020 - South West Care Exhibition | Westpoint Exeter

Demo Theatre Schedule

Life Vac

Matthew Banagan


“Matt from LifeVac Europe will be discussing choking in the care sector, demonstrating the use of LifeVac in a choking emergency and how LifeVac has saved many lives from choking to death in the care sector when BLS has failed.”

10:00 – 10:20

ASH Healthcare Training

10:30 – 11:00


Ram Singh is revolutionising care delivery with its workforce scheduling software, maximising staff capacity and transforming your cost-efficiencies. Webroster is dedicated to making a
positive difference to our customers. Health and social care services are
constantly changing and evolving, and we continuously develop our products and
services, using the latest technologies. is tailored to your
needs and can integrate with existing care planning, HR and finance software. matches your staff to appointments, according to their skills and your clients` preferences,
quickly creating employee schedules, from which timesheets are generated. From there, our scheduling software and its add-on modules can:

Streamline your payroll and invoice processes

Achieve better communication with your staff and

Optimise your staff schedules to improve care
delivery, profits, consistency of service and staff satisfaction

Automatically calculate travel time, mileage and
other expenses to be charged and paid

Saving you time, money and stress whilst
complying with CQC, GDPR and HMRC.

Working in partnership with our customer base we continue to
deliver innovative software solutions for the care sector. This is why many
local government authorities, franchise and care providers throughout the UK



Billy Hambling


Mobi Game Ltd

Rob Oyston from Mobi Game Ltd

Mobi-Game’s mission is to enable people in care the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of getting active in a fun, social environment through adapted versions of familiar games like football, rugby, tennis & netball. The programme uses team games, music, pictures, quizes and friendly competition to create a fun and friendly environment for residents to reminisce and get active. Founded in May 2018, we have been listed as a finalist for Innovation in Dementia Care as well as a finalist for the GB Natwest Entrepreur for Good Causes Award. We deliver in over 30 care homes from Cardiff to London and have developed a scalable training and support programme to empower your carehome staff to deliver our programme to your residents anywhere in the UK. By 2022 we project to get over 6000 people in care homes active.

We will be demonstrating adapted versions of games like football and rugby that we play with residents in care homes. These are chair based games that are played in teams and include music, pictures and the use of soft equipment to create a safe and fun social environment.



CLH Healthcare are excited to showcase their new, state of the art 40” Touchscreen Digital Interactive Table (aka Tiny Tablet) at the Innovative Care Exhibition. To help demonstrate the difference this product can make in the Care Sector, CLH Healthcare have invited Simon Hooper of RemindMecare to talk about how this table-turned-tablet can be used alongside his software to achieve outstanding care as never before.

Simon Hooper is a co-founder of RemindMecare, established courtesy of personal experience of the lack of person-centred care tech available during his family’s care journey. With a background in tech and having worked with care and domiciliary groups, hospitals and care organisations, Simon has a wealth of experience in tech for care.

RemindMecare (aka ReMe) is Activity based software that enables enhanced carer/resident engagement and person centred care, through the delivery of bespoke activities, such as digital cognitive stimulation, music and reminiscence therapy. Integratable with care planning software, Alexa and other systems, ReMe captures a unique data set called Electronic Life Records (ELR) used for client acquisition, family engagement, staff training, GDPR compliance, and for wellbeing, family and regulatory reporting. ReMe is used in hospitals, from admission to step down, reducing the need of resorting to medication through the discovery of agitation reducing content. Defined as a Digi therapeutic, ReMe’s the first dementia app to be GP prescribable.

ReMe can be integrated with the Tiny Tablet. ‘ReMe Inside’. This records the history of those using the table, their level of engagement, the conversational discoveries that enhance communication and care, whilst also capturing a picture of their wellbeing and other outcomes. Sensory activities become informed, unlimited and fun. And, there’s cost and efficiency benefits. Together, ReMe and Tiny Tablet achieve a ROI greater than the cost of purchase. A perfect partnership.




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