Theatre 2 Schedule

Theatre 2 Schedule

Cheryl Kenealy

Zuri Care

Speaking at: 10:00 – 10:30

Cheryl Kenealy 


Cheryl is an accomplished, energetic, entrepreneurial, dynamic, focused leader in her sector, with 20 years of experience in the Health and Social Care Industry. She is a Registered Nurse and has gained a wide expanse of both clinical and academic knowledge, and recognises that nursing and technology is a lifelong learning journey.


She started her professional life as a nurse in South Africa at 18 and moved to Jersey 16 years ago. Having owned a nursing home and home care agency, it’s safe to say she knows a lot about care and exactly what’s needed to make it better. This led her into the unexpected world of tech as she sought to obtain efficiency in her own environment, as Cheryl found the system of paper-based records to be laborious, time consuming, and inefficient, making audit of care difficult and unreliable. Her care manager’s time spent in the car, driving to client’s homes to update care plans, was an inefficient use of time, hence the birth of Zuri.

Cheryl, is also the Chairperson of the Jersey Care Federation, with an influential voice to leaders and government in Jersey CI.



Rupert Lawrence

Head of Amica24 

Speaking at: 10:30 – 11:00

Successful delivery of Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) in Worcestershire by amica24

 The session will introduce how TECS has become a key part of social care strategy in Worcestershire and how it is supporting the health and care infrastructure with an ageing population. Amica24’s innovative approach to TECS has led to achievement of key outcomes and an embedded approach to technology use as part of a whole-population approach.




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Rob Coulthard

Developing Leaders for 2020 Challenges.

Developing and shaping yours and your teams leadership
skills can have a dramatic impact on staff retention and culture. Rob will
share research on outstanding leadership as well as some of the key messages
from The Care Leader’s Handbook; giving you a practical masterclass you can
take back to your organisation and implement.

Speaking at: 11:10 – 11:40

Motitech UK

Matt Archer – Motitech UK Ltd Business Developer

A presentation on how Motitech UK Ltd uses videos and cycling to help tackle levels of inactivity within care homes to turn older people, and people with dementia, into dedicated athletes. 

Speaking at: 11:45 – 12:10

Motitech UK

Stuart Lees, Motitech UK Ltd Business Operations Manager

A presentation on how Motitech UK Ltd uses videos and cycling to help tackle levels of inactivity within care homes to turn older people, and people with dementia, into dedicated athletes. 

Speaking at: 11:45 – 12:10


The Care Hub
Scott Sherriden

Scott created the Care Hub in 2016 to help address the growing skills and labour gap that currently threatens the UK Care sector.  

After a chance meeting with the MD of Westward Care (Peter Hodkinson), Scott was invited to spend some time with the Registered Managers to see what it’s like to try and recruit staff for a busy care home in a highly competitive area.
After his time with Westward Care, Scott met other providers and found the challenges were virtually the same everywhere. High staff turnover, struggling to find the right staff with the right values, candidate no-shows, too many agency staff covering shifts, no in-house recruitment expertise, no recruitment systems or best practice approach and a lack of real-time data are just some of the key challenges that care providers face in today’s war for talent.

The Care Hub’s ‘Outsourced Recruitment Services’ has matured into one of the most innovative and effective ways to address your recruitment and retention headaches. The Care Hub’s in-house recruitment team act as an extension of your business and manage everything for you. 

We write your adverts, manage your candidate applications, conduct values bases assessment, screen, shortlist and book your interviews, manage your offers and process all your DBS checks and reference checks. 

Our approach takes away the headache and stress of recruitment and frees up you and your team to focus on all your other key tasks so that you can continue to deliver outstanding care. 

Speaking at: 12:15 – 12:45

Pulse Healthcare Cyber Security Ltd

Richard Jackson

“Information & Cyber Security in Health & Social Care” 

“Your healthcare organisation is at risk”.

Three key facts:

  1. Health
    & Social Care experiences more data breaches than any other business sector
  2. The average cost of a Healthcare data breach is 73% higher than in any other industry
  3. Electronic health data is 10 to 40 times more valuable to a cyber criminal, than your credit card details

Data security is THE biggest challenge facing the healthcare sector today. 

In addition to maintaining GDPR
compliance, healthcare organisations are also being asked to complete the
online NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit, manage local authority ICT
Assurance Audits…and somehow run a care organisation at the same time!


Richard will give a broad and
in-depth overview of the information security landscape for health & social
care, along with providing expert advice on the basic steps your organisation
can take to increase its data security and to reassure your patients/service
users that their personal data is safe with you.” 

Speaking at: 13:00 – 13:30

VCare Systems

 Bio coming soon

Speaking at: 13:40 – 14:10

CARERS Hub South

Alfie Carlisle

Alfie Carlisle is a Web Developer and IT Consultant based in Exeter who works primarily for clients in the Health and Social Care sector, giving him unique knowledge of their website needs. He is the lead software developer for Carers Hub, a cloud based recruitment system which allows Health and Social care workers to manage, maintain and control all their recruitment and training passports from a single, easy to use system, completely free of charge. He will be demonstrating the hub’s many features and answering questions from the audience. You can learn more about Carers Hub at

Speaking at: 14:15 – 14:30


Edinburgh Weavers

Debbie Butler Bsc (Hons) Textile Design

Role at Edinburgh weavers Ltd – Design & Business

Worked for over 20 years designing soft furnishings for the Healthcare sector.  Specializing in Design for the older resident with and without Dementia.

 Worked on prestigious new build projects over the years. Bringing practical style into a healthcare setting through colour and Design.



Gorgeous yet practical:  Healthcare fabrics for soft furnishing, should challenge traditional notions of how residential and nursing homes should look for the wellbeing of the residents. 


Speaking at: 14:40 – 14:55